Artist Bio


Gabi grew up in the festive wintry lands of Michigan.  There she earned her BFA in Illustration at the College for Creative Studies, a place she views as her art version of Hogwarts.

During childhood Gabi spent her time on fictional novels and games often settled in the fantasy genre.  She was drawn in by the expansive nature of their worlds, especially in games such as Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 9.  Not long after, concept art for these environments became a major inspiration for her own art.

Her career began at SiN Studios located in East Lansing, MI, where she first discovered her love for frozen yogurt.  She worked at the studio as a concept artist and illustrator for Loops of Zen, as well as a marketing artist for Tuebor.  Her favorite aspect of SiN was the incredible team she worked alongside.

Recently Gabi moved to Novato, CA with her SiN Studios and College for Creative Studies alumni compatriots.  Together they are on the lookout for new places with frozen yogurt to frequent.